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Equity from a Faith Perspective

Social justice issues are part of the fabric of religious organizations. Religious leaders from Hebron and across Connecticut joined us virtually for a Community Conversation called Equity from a Faith Perspective on June 9, 2021.

Our panelists talked about the connection between religious faith and social justice. They shared how faith communities are bringing people together to understand and address structural racism in our communities, and to build bridges and unity. And they discussed the power of compassion and love to create a welcoming community.

Guest speakers were:

  • Dr. Benjamin Foster, Jr., public intellectual and lecturer in African American studies and religion at Central Connecticut State University
  • Rev. Ronald Kolanowski, rector, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Hebron
  • Rev. Dr. Denise Esslinger, pastor, Gilead Congregational Church, Hebron
  • Diane Maran, cantor, United Brethren of Hebron Synagogue

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