CoDE serves the towns of Andover, Columbia, Hebron and Marlborough, CT, in particular. Its events and programming are open to anyone in any community. It’s important to understand the communities we serve and their demographics. Here are some of the demographics about our towns.

Connecticut: 34% are people of color

Tolland County: 16% are people of color

Andover: 3,178 residents, 10% are people of color

Columbia: 5,402 residents, 7% are people of color

Hebron: 9,506 residents, 7% of are people of color

Marlborough: 6,351 residents, 8% are people of color

Population increase/decrease since 2010:

CT: population has increased by 0.4%

Tolland County: population has decreased by 1.1%

Andover: population has decreased by 4.6%

Columbia: population has decreased by 3.9%

Hebron: population has decreased by 6.1%

Marlborough: population has decreased by 4.2%

Percent of Affordable Housing*:

Tolland County: 8%

Andover: 4%  Of the 1,317 total units in Andover, 54 are considered to be affordable.

Columbia: 4%  Of the 2,308 total units in Columbia, 83 are considered to be affordable.

Hebron: 3%  Of the 3,567 total units in Hebron, 105 are considered to be affordable.

Marlborough: 2%  Of the 2,389 total units in Marlborough, 48 are considered to be affordable.

Single-family and multi-family homes:

Tolland County: 73% are single-family and 26% are multi-family

Andover: 90% are single-family and 10% are multi-family

Columbia: 85% are single-family and 13% are multi-family

Hebron: 90% are single-family and 9% are multifamily

Marlborough: 92% are single-family and 8% are multi-family

Households that are cost burdened (spending more than 30% of income on housing):

Tolland County: 30% (47% of renters are cost-burdened.)

Andover: 26% are cost-burdened. (45% of renters are cost-burdened.)

Columbia: 23% are cost-burdened. (5% of renters are cost-burdened.)

Hebron: 25% are cost-burdened. (67% of renters are cost-burdened.)

Marlborough: 21% are cost-burdened. (52% of renters are cost-burdened.)

Affordable Housing Plans:

State law required each town to adopt an affordable housing plan by June 1, 2022 (Connecticut General Statutes 8-30j). Each of the four towns served by CoDE did so. Most also conducted surveys of town residents to seek their input and Hebron actually included residents on the working group that created the plan.

Affordable Housing Plan Andover, CT

Goal: Andover will create between 5 and 15 affordable units in next 10 years.

Affordable Housing Plan Town of Columbia 2022-2027

Goal: Incrementally grow the number of affordable housing units with a goal of 30 additional units over the next five years.

Hebron 2022-2027 Plan for Housing Choices

Goal: Seek to increase the number of State-defined affordable housing units by at least 75 units in five years.

Marlborough Sustainable Affordable Housing Plan 2022-2027

Goal: Increase Marlborough Affordable Housing Stock a minimum of 15 units over the next five years.

Data comes from the following sources:

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Marlborough 2022 Housing Profile

Town Equity Profiles, compiled by Data Haven:

Andover 2023 Equity Profile

Columbia 2023 Equity Profile

Hebron 2023 Equity Profile

Marlborough 2023 Equity Profile

*Affordable homes as a share of all housing units – The CT Department of Housing calculates the percentage of affordable units in a municipality annually for the Affordable Housing Appeals List. Affordable units are units that are subsidized below market-rate through programs like Housing Choice Vouchers or CHFA/USDA mortgages.