Goal – Disseminate information and education about race and racism, culture, diversity, equity and inclusion and promote dialogue among community members.

Action Steps:

  • Host up to 4 Community Conversations, workshops or presentations a year, featuring engaging speakers on various topics relating to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Send e-newsletter to members of mailing list on a regular basis, with information about CoDE events/activities and topics of interest.
  • Maintain a Facebook page to share information about diversity, equity and inclusion resources, events, articles.
  • Maintain a website with up-to-date information about CoDE, its goals, events, opportunities to learn, and ways to support CoDE.
  • Consider writing a blog about topics related to diversity.
  • Consider hosting a Book Club featuring books about diversity, race, racism.
  • Consider hosting a Diversity Day to celebrate and educate community members about diverse cultures, food, music, etc.