Hebron students will benefit immensely from attending a racially and socio-economically diverse school. While this is tied intrinsically with creating a racially and socio-economically diverse community, there are strategies to employ within the school system that will benefit students (e.g., increasing the number of teachers of diverse backgrounds, increasing the cultural competency of educators and administrators, increasing the use of multicultural curriculum, and building connections and shared experiences with students in racially diverse school districts, etc.)

Goal 3A:  Support and facilitate the creation of an Equity Council at RHAM, in the Hebron School District, or among Regional Hebron, Marlborough, Andover School Districts through which the schools can address barriers to becoming a more diverse, culturally competent, welcoming school that prepares students to live and work successfully in a diverse world and workplace.

Action Steps:

  • Host a Roundtable discussion for school administrators, faculty and staff about Equity Councils: what they are/what they do, the benefits for schools, students and parents; what resources are available to assist in their creation and operation.
  • Provide ongoing assistance to facilitate the creation of an Equity Council and support its work.
  • Support the district/schools in implementing the new curriculum on African America/Black and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies, and preparing for a new curriculum on Native American studies.
  • Support the district/schools in responding to hate incidents locally and possibly nationally.
  • Support the district/schools in recruiting more teachers and staff of diverse backgrounds.
  • Research funding opportunities for equity work in the schools; and support the application for funding.
  • Continue to meet regularly with Superintendents, Principals and Boards of Education to check on progress, address concerns, provide support as needed.

Goal 3B:  Explore possibility of Hebron participating in an Open Choice Program.

Action Steps:

  • Continue to talk with Hebron Superintendent about a partnership with Windham school district. Facilitate meetings, explore benefits of a partnership, and determine what steps would be necessary to participate in Open Choice if desired.

Goal 3C:  Provide opportunities for parents to learn about raising children in a diverse world.

Action Steps:

  • Host Community Conversations on topics related to educating children about diversity and equity (e.g., How to Talk with Children about Race; Raising Children with a Justice Mindset).