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Building more diverse, equitable and vibrant communities


Celebrate Pride

Join us on Friday June 21st in Hebron for our Celebrate Pride event. It will be held from 5-7pm in two locations:American Legion, 24…

Juneteenth Celebration 2024

CoDE’s third annual Juneteenth Celebration was a joyful day filled with music, dancing, drumming, learning, and meeting new people!We are grateful to all of…

Signs of Welcome

For Pride Month, let’s show everyone that our towns are a safe, caring and welcoming place for all! Beautiful Pride Yard signs are available…


CoDE is a nonprofit organization. We rely on grants and private donations to be able to do our work. Any contribution is gratefully accepted and will be put to good use.

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Are you passionate about increasing diversity and achieving equity and inclusion? Do you live in Andover, Hebron, Marlborough or Columbia, Connecticut? If so, join us!

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Are you part of a social justice organization or community group? Partnering, collaborating, sharing ideas will make each of us stronger and help us make an even greater impact throughout the state of Connecticut.

Get with other people who are bothered (by injustice). CoDE is bothered!

- Melinda Johnson, Director of Community Engagement & Advocacy, YWCA Hartford Region


[I learned] how united all people can be toward justice and equal treatment and respect.
Juneteenth Celebration

Hebron CoDE…who knew that what you started two years ago would cast such a bright light on the hard work of racial justice and allyship. You will serve as an example for other towns in CT for tackling tough issues with respect and heart.

Anita Ford Saunders
APR, Co-chair, Public Relations Society of America Diversity & Inclusion Committee

This series has been so informative and has encouraged me to look deeper at my own attitudes and beliefs about what it means to be an inclusive and diverse community where I live, pray and work.

Sacred Ground series

What great work you are doing!

Rev. Dr. Shelley D. Best
CEO, Greater Hartford Arts Council

Thank you to Hebron CODE. Your work is inspiring and you are leading by example for many other communities.

Bonnie Malley
VP, Finance & Administration, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

I learned more specifically about slavery in Connecticut, which I had never learned before. I've lived in Connecticut my whole life and never heard these stories until today.

Juneteenth Celebration