The Coalition on Diversity & Equity (CoDE) was formed in July 2020 by a group of community members following the death of George Floyd and the first-ever rally for racial justice in Hebron. Our mission is to build more diverse, equitable and vibrant communities. Our goals include increasing community awareness and equal access to housing, education and jobs. 

CoDE serves the communities of Hebron, Marlborough, Andover and Columbia, and surrounding towns. Members are all volunteers and active members of their communities.  

To achieve our goals, we partner with and support the work of town committees and commissions, Boards of Education and school leadership, nonprofit organizations, and faith communities.


Affordable Housing

Enabling the creation of a greater diversity of housing options in our communities is essential to ensuring equity and building a more diverse community.

Economic Development

Making our communities more economically vibrant, culturally aware and welcoming is crucial to increasing diversity.


Students benefit from attending racially and socio-economically diverse schools, with culturally competent educators utilizing holistic multicultural curriculum.


Knowing, preserving and celebrating the full history of our communities, including the role and participation of diverse populations, will enable our communities to embrace our diversity.

Community Awareness and Engagement

Offering opportunities for residents to learn about how diversity affects the quality of life in our communities and about the impact of structural racism, as well as brainstorm ways to address and counter it, is a key role for CoDE.


CoDE members live in Hebron, Marlborough, Andover and Columbia. They are each personally invested in their communities and many have lived there for decades, raising families, participating in town committees and organizations, and growing networks of friends. There is much to love about our communities, but also ways in which we can improve. We believe that living in a diverse town and having children learn in a diverse educational system is good for all.