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Hate-filled flyers in Marlborough


On Wednesday, October 25th, many residents of Marlborough found a flyer in their driveway from the Nationalist Social Club. This group promotes itself as “a pro-white, street-oriented fraternity dedicated to raising authentic resistance to the enemies of our people in the New England area.” The flyer shows an image of a white man with a rifle and says, “New Englanders! You are being replaced. Organize and resist!”

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the Club (also called NSC-131) is a “neo-Nazi group based in the New England region. Members consider themselves soldiers at war with a hostile, Jewish-controlled system that is deliberately plotting the extinction of the white race. NSC-131 seeks to form an underground network of white men who are willing to fight against their perceived enemies through localized direct actions. Members espouse racism, antisemitism and intolerance via the Internet, propaganda distributions and the use of graffiti.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the Nationalist Social Club as a hate group and says that it “has targeted New England’s immigrant, LGBTQ+, and Jewish communities.” Reports indicate that flyers have been dropped in other communities such as Glastonbury, East Hartford, Rocky Hill, Bristol, Enfield, Southington, Granby, Hamden, Middletown, Monroe, New Haven, Thomaston, Trumbull, and West Hartford.


The Coalition on Diversity & Equity (CoDE), which is composed of residents of Marlborough, Hebron, Andover and Columbia, condemns the Nationalist Social Club and all it stands for. We ask all area residents, and especially white men (the group’s recruitment target), to speak up and unequivocally decry its hate-filled message — showing beyond a doubt that hate has no place in our communities.

For more info about the group, visit ADL’s website at https://www.adl.org/…/nationalist-social-club-nsc-131For more info

For more info about hate crimes in Connecticut and the US, visit

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