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Stop the Hate. Let’s Create.

Were you disturbed by the flyers from a Neo-Nazi group that were dropped on the lawns of Marlborough residents last week? Here’s your chance to speak out!

CoDE is encouraging people to come together as a community and send a strong message that we will not be silent – that hate has no place in our community.

Share any expression of your feeling or opinion about the hate-filled ideology of the group and their recruitment efforts. flyers. It can be as simple as a single written word or phrase, a few sentences, a favorite quote/poem, or as elaborate as an original sketch, painting or poem.

Just take a photo of your piece and email it to CoDE by November 19th at Code.diversity1@gmail.com. Include your name and town if you want. (You don’t have to be from Marlborough to participate.)

The pieces will be put together as part of a collage and displayed on the CoDE website, shared on social media, and be made into a banner to be displayed in town.

Background: On Wednesday, October 24th, flyers in plastic bags were dropped into the yards on several streets in Marlborough. The flyer shows an image of a white man with a rifle and says, “New Englanders! You are being replaced. Organize and resist!” The group distributing the flyers promotes itself as “a pro-white, street-oriented fraternity dedicated to raising authentic resistance to the enemies of our people in the New England area.” According to the Anti-Defamation League, it is a “neo-Nazi group based in the New England region. Members consider themselves soldiers at war with a hostile, Jewish-controlled system that is deliberately plotting the extinction of the white race. NSC-131 seeks to form an underground network of white men who are willing to fight against their perceived enemies through localized direct actions. Members espouse racism, antisemitism and intolerance via the Internet, propaganda distributions and the use of graffiti.”

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